May 19, 2009

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Denture Implants

denture_implantDenture implants may be the next logical step for many people who have lost teeth and have to use dentures. Just over 20% of people have oral problems due to lack of dental care, or through an accident that has led to the loss of teeth. Because of this, false teeth are used instead of dental implants because of the cost of dental surgery.

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The use of dentures is not only for cosmetic reasons, but simply to be able to live a normal life. Using dentures has its own set of problems. The mouth can become sore where the loose dentures rub against the gums. Just as dentistry has become more advanced, so have Denture implants.

Dentures can now be secured to a dental implant that prevents problems with the rubbing and abbrasion. This is because the dental surgeon secures theĀ  dental implant to the jawbone, providing an anchor for the artificial teeth .

implant_mainYou will need to check your dental plan to make sure how much dental coverage you receive and the cost in relation to dentures. If you have missing teeth and are not happy with your current false teeth, denture implants will allow you more comfort and access to a wider range of foods.

You can find more information on dental insurance and denture implants by following the links on this page.

Always make sure you speak to a qualified health professional such as a dentist or dental surgeon before making decision.

You can also buy denture adhesives and teeth whitening products to improve your confidence when you smile.

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